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Welcome Back! Important Info. for the Return to School

by Mike Balsom | Feb 07, 2021

February 7, 2021

Dear Students and Families of Laura Secord Secondary School:

Many of you have had questions about what your week/month will look like. Below you will find some information to assist you in developing a personalized calendar for yourself. Thank you to Mr. Sniezek for developing this for us!!

Cohorted = separate A and B groups-- yellow highlighted classes below

Non-cohorted = A & B together-- any classes NOT listed below


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Will Run Cohorted A/B

Brittain, Miranda

BTT1O/2O1-02 104

Di Paolo, Tania

CHC2D1-03 201

CHC2D1-04 201

Goodwin, Nicole


Hall, Christina

ENG1D1-03 202

Harrington, David

SNC1D1-03 214

Heaney, Heather

SBI3U1-02 210

SBI3U1-03 210 (Newly Added)

Kish, Megan

ENG1D1-04 204

Lombardi, C

SNC1P/1D1-06 218

Mandau, Rodney

MCV4U1-01 107

Reid, Robert

SNC1D1-04 218

Sirianni, Patrick

ENG3U1-02 119


ADA1O1-02 UC

Vanderlee, Scott


First you will need to know your course codes. Find here instructions on how to access your timetable Accessing Cohort & Timetable Information Sem 2

To create a personalized calendar, click this link below:

Instructions: (Video Tutorial: http://bit.ly/Calendar_Creator_Tutorial)
1. Open Link and press “Make a Copy”

2. Enter all of your course code in the appropriate yellow boxes (if you do not have a course, leave it blank)

3. Once all of your courses are identified as correct, press the PDF button at the far right (If it asks for Authorization click ‘Continue’)

4. A personalized PDF calendar will be created in your Google Drive!

Anyone in Cohort O who needs assistance tomorrow with the above, please follow this link for help from Guidance. Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

All students in all cohorts are expected to login to D2L by 10:00 a.m. and classroom teachers will be responsible for attendance this semester. We will not be using the Attendance Tracking Tool for now. Teachers will determine your attendance based on the work completed for the day during the day for cohort O or the cohort working from home (if classes are still separated according to cohort).

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and we will see you tomorrow morning! We will have Prefects and Student Union members on hand to assist you in finding your classes. Don’t worry… we are in this together!

Helena Tritchew 



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