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**MSIP Classes are Being Removed for Semester Two**

by Mike Balsom | Jan 05, 2021

Dear Students and Families of Laura Secondary School

At DSBN we recognize that in-person learning is best for student achievement and well-being. For semester 2, due to the continuation of the pandemic we have adjusted the timetable and removed MSIP periods. In a normal school year, these periods are very valuable for students to complete assignments and have the ability to work on class work and obtain additional support on homework and assignments. With our compressed daily schedule, we want to maximize the instructional time for students. We will be able to increase learning by 20% by removing MSIP for this semester. 

Before the holidays we rescheduled our school and this has resulted in some student timetable adjustments. For semester 2, you will receive a new timetable (closer to the end of January). Your guidance counselor will be reaching out to you this week or next week if you require any timetable adjustments.  We thank you for your understanding in these difficult times where we must put student learning and achievement first.

Later this week, you will receive further information about the planned schedule for semester 2.

We will keep you informed regularly as we receive updates. 


Helena Tritchew

Principal Laura Secord Secondary School

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