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Special Message from Administration

by Mike Balsom | Dec 17, 2020

Final Exams and Culminating Tasks:
From an equity perspective, all of our students are learning partially/fully online. As such, there will not be exams at the end of January. Exam days have been reassigned as instructional days, to allow more opportunities for students to connect with their teachers and to allow for culminating activities to occur. Your student’s teachers will be communicating end-of-semester culminating activity timelines.

Inclement Weather Message for Families:
There are times in Niagara when weather conditions are so poor that we must cancel student transportation, and/or close schools to preserve the safety of students and staff. 

The decision to cancel transportation and/or close schools is not taken lightly; a variety of factors are considered when making this choice. To learn more about how these decisions are made, please go to https://www.dsbn.org/inclementweather.

Transportation Cancellations:
Information about transportation delays and cancellations are posted to https://portal.nsts.ca/Cancellations.aspx. When transportation is cancelled, information is shared before 6:00 am on the day of the cancellation. There are times when transportation is cancelled, but schools remain open. If, on those days you feel it is best for your child to stay home, please report your child’s absence https://dsbn.org/safearrival/ so we can make sure they are safe at home. 

School Closures:
When the decision to close schools is made, it refers to all schools: both in-person and virtual schools. School closure information is shared before 6:00 am on the day of the school closure. You will find it on dsbn.org, all school websites, DSBN social media, and local media share the news widely as well. 

Student Work on School Closure and Transportation Cancellation Days:
For elementary students - On days where transportation is cancelled and/or schools are closed, please visit your child’s school website and click on the “Learn From Home” button. There you will find optional asynchronous learning resources. 

For secondary students – Students will be able to access online materials for their courses. If it is a culminating activity day, special arrangements will be made and communicated to students centrally.  

Staying Informed with Your Child’s Progress:
As previously shared in a communication in September, we wanted to remind you of the many supports available to staff, students and parents on the LSS Resource Site found in the following link. This includes a way to sign up for alerts related to your child’s school work.


Mental Health & Well-Being(MH & WB) Resources:
The DSBN website has a variety of school and community MH & WB supports available to students and families. If you are in need over the holidays or thereafter; please visit the following link.


Yearbooks and Grad Photos:
Yearbooks - 2019/2020 - Yearbooks are scheduled to arrive the second week of January. Distribution details will be disseminated thereafter.

Class of 2020 Grad Photos:
These have arrived and a link will be posted on our website Friday. A secure code to access these will be emailed to grads (grads should check their DSBN email accounts and/or those provided at pick-up). Additional backgrounds may be purchased by Eunice Tang at Tang Photography for a fee.

Secord Holiday Special:
This year, in continuing with Secord tradition, there will be a Holiday Special available to all staff and students to view on Friday, December 18, 2020. Thank you to Mrs. Penner & our staff and students for participating and making this possible. The link will be posted on our website  at www.laurasecord.org so stay tuned...

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience throughout the semester. We hope you all enjoy a restful and safe holiday with your loved ones!  May 2021 be lighter for everyone!

Helena Tritchew & Teri Thompson


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