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by Mike Balsom | Nov 06, 2020

 Dear Laura Secord Secondary students, parents and guardians:

I’d like to let you know that all DSBN secondary schools will be changing their school course schedule from the two-week mini-blocks to a model of alternating one-week blocks effective Monday, November 30, 2020.  Essentially, instead of two courses every two weeks, it will shift to an alternating week schedule. 

There will not be a change to the students’ cohorts, number of contacts within a week, number of in-person days, transportation or bell times. Niagara Region Public Health has reviewed the new schedule and has no concerns about the change. 

The new schedule will look as follows:

We believe this change will better support our students to ensure their success. The benefits of having an alternating week schedule include: 

·    Provide more balanced learning for students

·     Allow your child to see their subject teachers more frequently

·     Allow students to be closer to a more “normal” semester schedule


From a practical standpoint, I want to ensure this is a smooth transition for you and your student.  Below are links to calendars for the remainder of the semester:

Dec 2020 Co-A MSIP  Dec 2020 Co-B MSIP    Dec 2020 Online MSIP

Jan 2021 Co-A MSIP  Jan 2021 Co-B MSIP  Jan 2021 Online MSIP

We have had many successes since our return to school in September.  Everyone has worked hard to adapt to change, and to make this year as positive and memorable! . As always, please contact me with any questions.


Helena Tritchew

Principal Laura Secord Secondary


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