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**UPDATED**Attendance Procedures - CLICK HERE for Online Check-in

by Mike Balsom | Oct 30, 2020

October 30, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all of you for your patience as we refine the attendance procedures in our new Aspen system and D2L Attendance Tracking Tool. The latter tool is a way for you to clear up any discrepancies between what your actual attendance is and what has potentially been recorded by your teacher in Aspen. Although the D2L tracker is an additional step for everyone (teachers included), it is a streamlined way to cross-reference with teacher records and Aspen attendance records.

 How do I ensure that my attendance is recorded properly?

  • If you are expected at school and are not going to be attending, have your parent/guardian call attendance or use the School Messenger system.

  • Any student (i.e. cohort O – every day, and cohort A & B on off days) whose intention is to work from home must check-in to their D2L attendance -tracker (see picture) by NOON . This includes:

  • if they have been called in ill; or

  • excused for appointment through School Messenger or to the main office.

What happens when students are at home working online?

  • Your teachers are busy teaching other cohorts – (they have 4 classes X 3 cohorts = as many as 32 students per day working in-school, at home, and online)

  • Managing attendance for 3 different cohorts when 2 are not in front of them is not easy—and it is different each day!

  • The online tracker is one way they can have a summary for students who are not in front of them.

  • They still reserve the right to adjust this at the end of the day using their professional judgment. For example, checking into the tracker but not doing your required work in D2L can lead to being marked absent based on this.

What happens when I login to my D2L class and not the online Attendance Tracker?

  • This will result in you being marked absent also—Why? Because your teacher will only have time at the end of the day to do a quick check of the summary provided by the tracker concerning online learners. They will then submit to the Attendance Secretary for adjustment in Aspen attendance records (the official student data management system). You need to check-in using the Attendance Tracker by NOON in order for your teachers to receive the report by 2:00 p.m.

Why am I receiving an email for the week’s summary in terms of attendance?

  • Email communications from our SERT, Mr. Sniezek, are a courtesy and an opportunity for you to review the attendance records with your parents/guardians, review the outlined procedures/expectations, and to clear up any errors with Attendance. 

  • Do not feel compelled to answer these emails from Mr. Sniezek as his role is not Attendance, although he has kindly undertaken this in order to help all of us (previously worked in IT for DSBN).

  • Instead, please call the school Monday to clear up any attendance discrepancies with our attendance secretaries.

  • So, in conclusion, if you do not want to be marked absent and receive an email summary for the week, please follow the previously outlined communications and login on the tracker every day that you are not in school, even if your parent/guardian calls the school for an absence.

Attendance is a challenge in all schools right now and they are experiencing similar issues with discrepancies in their own homegrown tracking tools. Where it has begun to smooth-out and work well, is when we all ask our students to follow the outlined procedures.

Thank you

Helena Tritchew and Teri Thompson

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