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Yearbook Needs Your Photos

by Mike Balsom | Jun 28, 2020

What a very, very interesting year, Secord!

In case you haven’t heard yet, the publication and distribution of the 2020 Patriot Yearbook has been pushed back to the fall. We are aiming to have the yearbooks in your hands by the time our Class of 2020 comes back October 8th to be honoured for their achievements in our formal graduation ceremony.

One of the unique things this does for us is give us a bit more time to complete the yearbook. As well, unlike with our usual spring publication date, we actually have the chance to honour our grads a bit more with this year’s yearbook.

To that end, the Yearbook Club is looking for photographs to fill out the rest of the yearbook. We are looking for:

  • Photographs of our students putting in their time as “Essential Service Workers” during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to honour you for putting yourself out there during the difficult lockdown.
  • Photographs of our students doing online learning work during the pandemic. As well, we would love to see photographs of our students doing other chores around  the house and the yard, especially some of those chores they might not usually do
  • Finally, GRADS, we would love to collect and publish some photos of you from your final week as grade 12 students, especially some of you wearing your caps and gowns and smiling profusely because you are graduating.

We really, really want and need your contributions to this year’s yearbook.  Please drop any photographs you would like to submit into the following Google Drive:


Looking forward to your submissions. And great news - we have ordered extra copies if you haven't already Please contact Mr. Balsom if you have any questions.

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