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Schools Will Remain Closed To At Least May 31 - CLICK HERE for Info.

by Mike Balsom | Apr 29, 2020
Below is a letter from Laura Secord Principal Helena Tritchew. To read the latest letter from Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, explaining the extended closure of all publicly funded schools until May 31, click here

This week, the Ministry of Education announced that the school closure will be extended to at least May 31. For secondary students, this means we will be continuing with online learning to assist students in earning their credits this semester. We know that is challenging, with students not attending school as usual, and we know that everyone is trying their best to make this semester successful.

I wanted to clarify the expectations for students with respect to online learning. It is expected that students are engaging with all of their teachers in the online learning provided. This includes logging in regularly to your online classrooms, checking your emails daily and submitting work as required. If there is a circumstance/situation that prevents you from doing so, please contact your teacher through your online class, by emailing them, or by calling the school at 905 934 8501. The Ministry of Education recently announced that marks can’t drop after March 13th, if students are engaging in their learning. It is critical that you continue to actively participate in the online learning opportunities provided.

 We are here to help you. There are additional supports available to you including:

  • DSBN Homework Help is available for grade 9-12 math, science and ESL. Specific times are pinned in D2L and on our school’s social media.
  • Guidance counsellors, Special Education Resource Teachers and social worker supports are also available. Please contact us 9059348501 or by email to leslie.wilson@dsbn.org.
  • If you require a Chromebook or Internet access, please contact me

This week, graduate mid-semester marks are being submitted to OCAS and OUAC for college and university applications; students taking careers/civics will be receiving their final marks. Teachers will be sharing these marks with students this week. Over the next couple of weeks, teachers will be updating students on their progress in their other courses. In June all secondary students will receive report cards with marks, learning skills and comments. If you have any questions about student progress, please feel free to contact the teacher.

I am proud of how you have adapted to our new circumstances, and understand how challenging it has been. I also appreciate how you have been following directions from public health about social distancing. Together we can make a difference.


Helena Tritchew

Principal of Laura Secord Secondary


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