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15 Athletes to Compete at SOSSA Track and Field

by Mike Balsom | May 21, 2019
Congratulations to the entire track and field team! The following athletes have all qualified to move on to SOSSA on May 22nd:

Minsan Kwon - 2nd place in MB Triple Jump, and 1st place JB 4x100m relay
Owen McKay-Cotton - 3rd place in MB shot put
Cassie Clark - 3rd place in MG Discus and 4th place in MG Javelin
Cadence Sammy - 3rd place in MG javelin
Abbey Stewart - 2nd place JG 100m dash, 4th place JG 200m
Oneich Samuels cleaned up with 1st place finishes in JB 100m, 200m, and 4x100m and 2nd in 100m hurdles
Brenden Damiano - 4th place in JB 3000m
Ben Stewart - 4th place in JB Discus, 3rd place in Javelin
Sarah Gowan - 2nd place in JG Javelin
Elvardo & Eljay Johnson formed a great relay team with Minsan and Oneich for 1st place
Mackenzie Damiano - 1st place SG 1500m, 2nd place in 3000m
Leah Klassen - 3rd place SG 1500m
Jaime Beaucage - 5th place SG javelin
Kiefer Sonnenberg - 3rd place SB javelin

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