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Sarah Baker & Bethany Poltl Vying for OSSTF Awards

by Mike Balsom | Jan 14, 2019
Congratulations to Sarah Baker and Bethany Poltl, both winners of Student Achivement Awards for District 22 of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation's Marion Drysdale Awards

Sarah Baker won in the Prose/Poetry Senior Grade 11-12 Category, with her submission "Accounts From the War"

Bethany Poltl won in the Visual and Media, Grade 9-12 Category, with her submission "Aspire"

Both Sarah and Bethany now move on to the Regional Level of competition with their submissions. 

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In 2019 the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, sponsor of the Student Achievement Awards in honour of Marion Drysdale, is celebrating its 100th Anniversary! For this year, students were asked to reflect on our past and consider our future as human beings. Our world has changed dramatically over the past century. From women and Indigenous persons being given the right to vote, the atom bomb, space travel, same sex marriage, to the invention of computers and the internet, are we really “Ahead by a Century”? Or is the illusion of progress really just keeping us in the past? Perhaps, with our many inventions and innovations, we really have progressed. But the ways we express – or fail to express – our humanity in our dealings with others still has a long way to go before we can truly think of ourselves as advanced. 

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