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Class of 2019 - Please Complete Your Grad Survey

by Mike Balsom | Nov 29, 2018

So you've sat for your Grad Photo....what's next? Don't forget that the Yearbook Club needs your information to go along with your grad photo, and we need you to select those classmates who are "Most Likely To....". Please remember to do one of the following:

1.  Print out this file, answer the questions, attach a baby photo (write your name on the back, please, so I can return it to you) and bring it to the co-op office or give it to Courtney Fruck. You can alternatively e-mail Mr. Balsom your baby photo to mike.balsom@dsbn.org

2.  Click on this link to fill out the Google Form with your answers. Bring a baby photo (name on the back, please) to the co-op office (or give it to Courtney Fruck), or e-mail Mr. Balsom your baby photo, to mike.balsom@dsbn.org

3.  You could also fill out this file in Word, save it, and attach it to an e-mail, along with your baby photo, to mike.balsom@dsbn.org

Remember, it's YOUR yearbook. We want to see your information and your beautiful photo in it. We would like to have your grad surveys by Monday, December 10th. 

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