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Zone Track Results - Great Day for the Patriots

by Mike Balsom | May 22, 2018

Zone  4 Champs
Desiny Plamondon in Junior Girls discus
Oneich Samuels Midget Boys 100 and 200 m dash

2nd place finishes
Brooke Bruegeman Midget Girls Jav
Ben Stewart Midget Boys Jav
Brenden Clark Junior Boys Discus
Kaelyn Emslie Senior Girls 100 and 200 m
Mackenzie Damiano 1500 and 3000m
Oneich Samuels 100m hurdles
Open 4x4 womens relay

3rd Place
Desiny Plamondon Junior Girls Shot Put
Ben Stewart Midget Boys Shot Put
Brenden Clark 300 m Hurdles
Midget Boys 4x1 Relay

4th Place
Brooke Bruegeman Midget Girls Shot Put
Kaelyn Emslie Senior Girls 400m
Brenden Damiano Midget Boys 3000
Connor Emslie Midget Boys Discus
Ayden Ross Junior Boys HJ
Ayden Ross Junior Boys Jav
Kiefer Sonnenberg Senior Boys Discus and Jav
Junior Boys 4 x 100 m Relay

5th Place
Desiny Plamondon Junior Girls Jav
Leah Klassen Senior Girls 1500 m
Senior Girls 4 x100 m Relay
Ray Stearns Senior boys 800m and Jav
Kevin Diep Senior Boys 400 m hurdles

All of the above athletes move onto SOSSA Next Thursday May 24th at NOC.

Honourable mention go to the following for their 6th place finishes and their hard work and dedication to Track team this year. Owen Murray,Sarah Gowan,Tana Ogbor,Kate Lafleur,Alie Plue, Heloise Blais,Wyatt Paugh,Omar Sono who also brings amazing lunches. Aws al- Jumaily and our amazing manager Leah Mills.  Big Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, the coaches and all the parents who cheered us on and brought snacks.

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