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Our 2018 Rotary Medalists!

by Mike Balsom | Apr 24, 2018
Congratulations to Kaelyn Emslie and Dexter Sonier, Laura Secord's Rotary Medalists for 2018!
                           Kaelyn Emslie

The medals are presented to Grade 12 students who have exhibited high moral character, shown a keen participation in school activities, made a worthy contribution to the life of the school, attained above-average grades, shown self respect and consideration for others and demonstrated an independence of character.

This year's graduating class voted for one male and one female Rotary Medalist on May 2nd from this amazing group of worthy nominees:
rotary medalist nominees 2018
L-R: Dexter Sonier, Beth Plue, Laney Fogarasi, Kaelyn Emslie, Alexander Yap, Jacob Hunter, Aws Al-Jumaily, Allie Plue, Abby Johnstone, Troy Holowchuk

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