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SCHOLARSHIP AND BURSARY DEADLINES HAVE BEEN EXTENDED!  Click on the DSBN link below for the most up-to-date information.


If you haven't checked it out already, please also visit the DSBN Awards & Scholarships website for information on awards available to all students in the DSBN. For some of these awards and scholarships, you will find copies of the application form in the Grad file cabinet in the Guidance Office.

For more general information on awards and scholarships, please click the Presentations, Documents and Forms link to view a slideshow on financing your post-secondary education. The accompanying handout package and other materials are available in the Guidance Office.


Did you know that hundreds of scholarships can be found online? The following web resources are not affiliated with Niagara College, but do offer information regarding scholarship opportunities and additional financial aid information.

Not sure where to start?

Read this guide to learn where to start, and what you’ll need to know before you begin applying for scholarships and bursaries.

OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)

What is it?

  • OSAP helps students from lower and middle income families meet the costs of college.
  • It provides financial assistance for educational costs and basic living expenses.
  • OSAP is a loan that you must pay back once your studies have been completed.
  • When you fill out your OSAP application you will automatically be assessed for grants. These grants do not need to be paid back.

How do I apply?
2019 Graduates - OSAP Step by Step Guide
2020 Graduates - To be updated. 

Laura Secord Secondary School Awards

There are some awards that are unique to Laura Secord and are only available to our students. On this page, you will find information on each one of them including the dollar amount, criteria, and how to apply. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to see a Guidance Counsellor.

To apply for ANY Laura Secord Award, you must submit the following:

1.     Laura Secord Award Application Form - one form for each award you are applying for
2.     Student Profile Form - one copy must be submitted to the Guidance Office to be filed

You can find both of these forms under the Presentations, Documents and Forms page of this website or in the Grad filing cabinet in the Guidance Office.

Some awards have additional documents that must submitted along with the two forms above.  Please read the requirements carefully.